bakery and Industrial


At JDS Foods Ltd we produce a wide range of fats for the food industry.

We manufacture both standard and custom formulated products for use in many food-processing activities including cooking, baking and breading.

Our Industrial fats are available in many pack formats from 10kg bag in box to bulk liquid fats. We also offer a returnable bag in crate option to reduce packaging waste.

We provide frozen pellets of flavoured spread, which are used in added value lines such as Chicken Kievs, Garlic Mussels and Flavoured Vegetables. These pellets are produced in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every application.


We market products for everyone from small bakeries to large industrial users, under a number of well know brand names such as: Bladex, Champion, Cakeola, Besure, White Lily, Regal, and Royal star.

We offer our Bakery & Industrial customers a wide choice from an extensive range of products, which have been formulated over the years based on an in-depth knowledge & expertise of bakery products and the specific requirements of the production process being operated.

We have developed a number of customised products that service the needs of modern-day bakers through a balanced combination of flavour, usability and efficiency.

We can also supply liquid oils in IBC / Drum format for food manufacturers who require delivery in 1000 litre units rather than full tanker loads.


JDS Foods Ltd is a supplier to many major plant bakeries and food manufacturers. We supply a comprehensive range of industrial fats, Cake Margarines, Shortenings, Bread Fats, Liquid Oils and Fluid Shortenings.

Fluid Shortenings

We have recognised the need to reduce the packaging and handling costs of our customers and as a result we have developed a unique, ambient stable, Fluid Shortening. This product offers the functionality of a boxed fat without the associated packaging and handling.


In addition to our own manufactured yellow fat products we offer a full range of complimentary products such as, Fruit, Sugar and Chocolate in a variety of product types and sizes.